Linea Futura Professional

From the encounter of tissue with the renewed necessities of the small and great community “Futura Professional” is born, the new plan Collectivity and Industry realized from Future Line. Already known and appreciated in the field of consumer, the company has been proposed, with this ulterior challenge, of feeding the passion that distinguishes itself, putting own usual and strong engagement, to the service of all. The wide range of realized products answers, all and wide, to every requirement of the reference field. The family of the “industrial wipers”, white and printed, introduces various micro-embossed finishes all finalized to the absorbance of the product; the hand-towels, micro-embossed and essentially white but, at call, also printed, is addressed or to the traditional system of drying (sliding roll and core extraction) that to automatic; toilet paper, in its formats small and jumbo, assures great softness and resistance; medical rolls, all rigorously.